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Last Saturday my girl was invited to the cutest 3 year old Carnival party, complete with a bean bag toss, popcorn, coloring table, water toys, and “guess how many jelly beans are in the jar” game. My kids had a great time. Many people have asked me what I do for my girl (who is gluten free) at birthday parties. When I plan ahead, I make gluten free cupcakes and freeze them for the special occasion. A couple of times, I have neglected to plan ahead and ended up making this single cupcake recipe (substituting with a gluten free flour) 30 minutes before we are supposed to leave. For last Saturday’s party, I made them the night before, using the recipe I made for my girl’s birthday parties in the past, SPRINKLES STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES, substituting with a gluten free flour.

The trick to substituting gluten free flour is to make sure you use Xanthum Gum, or make sure it is included in your GF all-purpose baking mix. Xanthum Gum is what holds the mixture together. But too much or too little can make your cake/bread crumble apart or become too thick and gummy. The ratio I found on line is 1 tsp Xanthum Gum to every 1 cup of GF flour. BTW, you pronounce Xanthum like “Zan-thumb.” Funny word, I know. :)

I also made the signature Sprinkles dots from some organic homemade fondant I had in the freezer. So far, this system of bringing our own cupcake has worked great. As long as it is pink, she is happy. She doesn’t act like she is missing out on anything. Most of the time, it is the other kids eye-balling her yummy treat, not her wanting what they have.  

This outfit she is wearing makes me swoon. All the clothes from this awesome company called Matilda Jane are so adorably cute. I am hosting an online shopping show today. If you visit their website and decide you want to order something, you can E-mail me at & I will submit your order for you. It can be shipped directly to your house in about 2.5-3 weeks. They have some awesome adult pieces as well. Too bad the shoes (not by MJ) don’t come in adult sizes!